Role Of The Registered Nurse As A Leader And Manager Essay

Role Of The Registered Nurse As A Leader And Manager Essay

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The focus of this paper is to explore the role of the registered nurse as a leader and manager in the healthcare team. The role of management in nursing affects almost every aspect of the registered nurse’s daily work. An effective manager requires a variety of interpersonal skills that are both learned and intuitive. These skills are of great importance in the management of clients, family, and other healthcare professionals. Management skills are both learned and intuitive, although practice and experience may be one of the most essential ingredients to effective management. This paper explores a few of the essential skills required to be an effective manager.

Modern nursing requires more than clinical knowledge and skills. Nursing today requires registered nurses, even graduate nurses, to possess management skills. Registered nurses must develop effective communication skills, understand how to manage conflicts, develop team building skills and know how to delegate properly. Most of today’s nursing education programs include a management class in the curriculum to better prepare students for their first nursing job. Nurse managers have the responsibility to be a role model for staff. Storch, Makaroff, Pauly and Newton (2013) remind us that formal nurse leaders should provide ethical leadership through role modeling and to provide support for ethical practice.
Good communication skills in most any job is important. Communication skills become very important in any management role. Nurses require good communication skills to communicate effectively with the patient, the family, doctors, other nurses, other members of the healthcare team and for documentation. For the purposes of this paper, communication skills...

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...ciation describes it as a transfer of responsibility. Regardless of wording used to define delegation, the registered nurse retains accountability for delegation of the task. Zerwekh and Garneau (2012) lists the template of the delegation process includes the right circumstances, the right task and the right delegation, effective communication, and feedback.
Management skills are required for every registered nurse in today’s healthcare system. It is not enough to possess good clinical skills. The nursing manager as well as the staff nurse is expected to have leadership skills as she is expected to use those skills in day-to-day operations whether it is delegating to unlicensed assistive personnel or resolving conflict. Leadership skills do not come naturally to most people, however, leadership skills can be learned through practice and experience.

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