The Role Of Leadership And Managing Change Within An Organization Essay

The Role Of Leadership And Managing Change Within An Organization Essay

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Review of Literature
Health care leaders, like many organizational leaders, have enormous pressure to perform excellently. However, as the US health care system shifts toward improving outcomes, the pull for their time and the need for new strategies increases. Interventions must include development of leadership because they are an important aspect of improving services and managing change within an organization (Wilson-Evered, Elisabeth, Charmine E. J. Hartel and Matthew Neale 2001). Simply, they can either encourage or stifle change with their management style. Cultural norms, as well as strategic focus, comes from the top of the organization. Elisabeth Wilson-Evered et al. (2002) advocates the need for transformational leaders in creating a culture that encourages innovation. By conducting a study in a 200-bed hospital in Australia, researchers found that transformational leaders not only affected morale in the organization, but they also saw an increase in patient benefit innovations. This research recommends that leaders “must concentrate on developing skills to inspire, motivate, stimulate, consider and influence others” (Wilson-Evered et al. 2001, 332). Therefore, the leader is not only focused on improving performance outcomes, but they must also also support the development of a culture that encourages change and involvement of all levels of the organization. This research contradicts the thinking that leaders do not have to be active participants in creating a cultural shift and focus on improving outcomes. Leadership should provide strategic focus, be visible and engaging with their staff and actively developing of their leadership style. Leadership, although not providing direct patient care, is significant...

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...aboration models have increased in acute hospitals over the years, but a strong hierarchical culture still exists. However, to create a true culture of safety, if the power hierarchy is not understood, creating a culture of safety can be hindered. While researching operating room culture, M. Dylan Bould et al. (2015) found that hierarchy plays a significant role in the patient care teams’ dynamic. In this research residents state that seniority, gender and position play a role in OR hierarchy. During this research, residents stated that negative patient care outcomes could have been avoided if staff that were not in a position higher hierarchical position were able to contribute their perspectives. However, hierarchy can have positive effects on OR dynamics. Residents stated that having one person in control in the OR can be a good thing as well (Bould et al. 2015).

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