The Role and Results of Religious Thinking Essays

The Role and Results of Religious Thinking Essays

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Science and technology have been regarded by many people as the Moses who led human out of the world of ignorance to the land of knowledge and wealth. Religion, in the other respect, has unfortunately been misinterpreted as the evil Pharaoh who wants to keep human under his slavery(. Some people believe that if Newton did not wastehis time on the search for God, he probably would have made much more contribution to science. "I feel pity for Newton's life in his old age, ... His great contribution to astronomy, optics, math and mechanics is immortal. But his soul was controlled by a wrong philosophy and fall into the abyss of idealism and theism. ... He try to find evidence for 'existence of God', it's so absurd and tragic."(Digest of Science and Technology, Dong Jin, September 2000) Surprisingly, quite a number of people share Dong Jin’s unfair view of religion. Rene Descartes and Francis Bacon are also been considered as victims of religious belief. However, few of these accusations are true. In the "Scientific Revolution", religious belief even played a positive role in the construction of new science and philosophy.
In constructing his theory of gravitational force, Newton benefited from his religious thinking. Newton is a remarkable figure in the period of scientific revolution. His discovery of general binomial expansion in 1664 and publication of concept of Calculus in "Principia" in 1687 introduced handy mathematical tools to modern science. His light decomposition experiment with prism and ground work in Classical mechanics had greatly change people's view of nature. His work generate a large crowd of followers known as Newtonians. "From the universities Newtonianism went on to permeate the schools, ... In them applied...

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...lief. This shows that the belief in science and the belief in religion are not mutually exclusive. As for bacon, religion did not prevent him from building up his great philosophy system. Bacon contributed another evidence for the innocence of religion in the "Scientific Revolution".
Although religion had some controversy with science, like their disagreement on the issue of embryonic stem cell researches, it did not create a lot of obstacles in the time of the "Scientific Revolution". During the process of unveiling the secret of nature, science and religion will surely have some argument due to their different opinion in the interpretation of phenomena. Since the wide-spread religious belief didn't kill those great figures in the "Scientific Revolution". we should claim religion's innocence in that period and criticize it's role in a more rational and complete.

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