Religion In Sociology Essay

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Sociology in its basic most broad definition is the study of society and social behavior. Which includes all variables that govern and affect how masses act and react under different circumstances. This includes values, traditions, morals, ethnic identity and most importantly; religion. Religion has been, for as long as humans existed on this earth, the foremost perception that controls society and govern its behavior. Some would even argue that religion is the source of human morals, traditions and values. To get a sense of this imperative role that religion plays in defining sociological behavior; we need to take a look at the beginnings of modern academic sociology. We see that it began with analysis of religion, as seen in Emile some, such as Karl max saw that religion is a way strong of a tool that impairs social evaluation. Which resulted in ethnic and religious cleansing and furthermore proved to be the wrong approach to defining the role that religion plays in societies behaviors. I for one, think that religion is an indispensable and integral part of human sociology; furthermore, I believe understanding this relationship would lead to social development. Are science and religion mutually exclusive? If not, how do they overlap? The relationship between science and religions has its magnificence and it’s like no other. The necessity of establishing and understanding this relationship is vital to our survival. Religion and science are complement elements to our society. The notion that religion and science should not be merged together, does not mean neglecting to understand the parallel relation between these two concepts and will result in a better understanding of our This will put an end to our scientific research and advancement because we will be relying on answers provided from religious books to answer our questions. If we don’t argue wither these answers are right or wrong, we would never have studied space stars or the universe or even our environment and earthly animals. These studies always provided us with breakthroughs, inventions and discoveries that made our lives

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