The Road to Mecca by Muhammad Asad Essay

The Road to Mecca by Muhammad Asad Essay

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The Road to Mecca is a book written by Muhammad Asad who was a Jew and converted to Islam when he was 26 year old. This book is basically a story of a young man and his journey to Mecca and how did he finds the real meaning of Islam and faith. As for me, this book is a very good teacher for those who want to know what Islam really is. The rate for this book given by Google Book is 4.5 stars out of 5. What is the difference of this book compared to other travelogue books and memoir?
Muhammad Asad has never thought that he is going to convert to Islam. I am really interested in one of his saying “It was not the Muslim who has made Islam great, it was Islam who made Muslim great”. The way he utters his words and describes the beauty of the Islam and the Quran might be difference from other authors. This is because Muhammad Asad has been lived his life at west and east. He knows the opinion of a west towards Islam and vice versa.
Out of twelve chapters in his book, I decided to emphasize on one chapters; This chapter told us about how Ibn Musaad and King Ibn Saud treated him, the value of the father and the dreams. The reason why I choose this chapter is because I love how they treated their guest, the respect for the father, the humbleness of the leader and also the passion of leadership skill in young man.
The way Ibn Musaad and King Ibn Saud treated Muhammad Asad was beyond that what I expected. Despite of his background as a westerner and a Jew, he had a smooth journey because people around him treated him nicely. I questioned myself when I read this chapter. What would I do if I were in Ibn Musaad place. Yes, Asad might be a friend of amir but what if he is just an ordinary guy who just converted to Islam? What is the right way t...

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.... Asad describes on how was Ibn Saud reaction when his father passed away.
I reflect myself after I read this chapter. How many of us (young man and woman) have these kind of respect, humbleness and leadership skills in ourself? Ibn Saud succeeds in conquering Hijaz, including Mecca and Jeddah. He approached Beduins by using the teaching Islam. Put Islam, his father and responsibility as the King as his priority. His entire plan came out nicely because he was well prepared with the plan and strategy.
If I were Ibn Saud or if I were Muhammad Asad, what would I do for the betterment of the ummah? What would I do if someone takes over my country? Do I have plan and strategy? Do I have a good understanding towards my religion to guide myself and other people? As for now, I must say that I do not have all that kind of things. I should start now before it’s too late.

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