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Life Lesson

As underclassmen you come into high school either thinking that the next four years of your schooling will be really easy or really stressful. To tell the truth it can be both, weather you come into high school with a positive or negative attitude. High school is the last place you can get away with some mistakes and try again. The next four years will test your skills and responsibilities. You can learn a lot about yourself in high school, from how you use your time in school to your after school activities you do. What you do from a freshman to a senior will determine what you want and can do for future careers. High school will challenge you in many ways from organization skills to time management skills. All the life lessons
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You always want to put your most important goals to be at the top of your schedule. I got a job before my junior year and it has impacted my schooling in many ways. I would work about four to five days a week and when one of those day are a school day I started to ignore my school work and focus more on being my greatest in the work environment. This did not work out for me, I started to fall behind in classes. When you take on a job, that job is to be made to work around your school schedule. There were many days I needed to stay after school for a test retake or just for some help. I thought that because I had a job now I couldn’t put my school first. I made this mistake many time. I took a Chemistry unit test and did not do so good on the test, the teacher had retakes the next following days after school. Of course I had to work all those days. I did not call off and stay after to retake the test. My choice to not take charge of my education, that poor grade stayed in the gradebook and further affected the overall…show more content…
One of the lessons I have learned from the last four years is organization. Organization is a good quality to have when it comes to school work. There will be days where you’ll shove papers into your bookbag in a hurry but it is always best to go back and organize all papers. Somedays I would lose many papers because I shoved them in my bag. This has caused me to stress over papers I could not find in order to turn in and that affected my grades. In my first year of high school it was very difficult to stay organized but I was able to complete the year organized. It wasn’t till the second half of my sophomore year that I started to lose the structure in my school work. Having good organization is not just having your supplies organized it having yourself together. Being organized will make you feel prepared for your classes and you feel like you have everything in
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