Essay on Rhetorical Choices Analysis

Essay on Rhetorical Choices Analysis

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In 2009 I wrote an essay Importance of Keeping Traditions for my Philosophy course where my audience was the professor and classmates. The requirements for the project were to be able to write an argumentative essay, to show a student’s point of view and his/her writing skills as well, to implement a good reasoning. In order to write a strong argumentative essay I had to follow requirements such as: structure it correctly and provide enough evidence to support my arguments. In the essay I argued about the importance of keeping traditions for immigrants and I assumed that it was suitable for philosophy class but now, by rereading and analyzing it I can see how the rhetorical choices I’ve made had a very negative effect on the whole paper because of that it failed. Knowing the audience, using reasonable language, and organizing it right would be the key for successful essay. Making statements and providing a counterargument for an essay is supposed to make it stronger but an incorrect choice of the source for quotations, examples, overuse personalization, and generalization makes it a complete failure.
The very first things that stand out from the essay are quotations and examples from The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini and it was the biggest misconception I made in the essay. Those quotes and examples I provided in order to support the argument and make the essay more effective and stronger which I thought would appeal to the readers’ emotions. Just before writing my assignment for the philosophy class I read The Kite Runner for my English reading class and I was emotionally touched by the events described in that book so without realizing I used the quotes and examples from it. I assumed that it would be great for supp...

... middle of paper ... of understanding the audience and its interest played a significant role in writing an unsuitable essay. Despite that, through this rhetorical analysis I was able to examine it thoroughly and see how it could be more effective. By making the essay more formal, eliminating hasty generalization, and providing more evidence to support the claim and make paragraph’s structure strong and reliable, the essay would be more productive. In addition, in order to write a good essay it is necessary for me to analyze my audience first so I would know what rhetorical choices to make. Not only do the choices matter but also choosing the right topic for particular audience in order to make them involved.

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