Rhetoric Study

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Rhetorical study is the art of describing reality through language. The study of rhetoric becomes an effort to understand how humans, in various capacities and in a variety of situations, can describe reality through language. The importance of rhetoric study is that, it is a good writing tool to have in academic study that can be used to persuade others. Using rhetoric has an impact on writing for composing essays. In the use of rhetoric writers and speakers should know how to use the three modes of appeal, and know the importance of certain issues when using rhetoric in their essays or speeches. Rhetoric is commonly used when arguing rhetorical topics to persuade or to inform others about certain issues. The three modes of appeal are communication techniques that are used in rhetoric essays or speeches. What are the three modes of appeal? The three modes of appeal are logos, pathos, and ethos which in Aristotle’s rhetoric, he identifies that they are the three artistic modes of persuasion. Logos is known as the appeal to logic. Logos is a way of persuading an audience by reason. Lo...
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