Reviewing And Creating My Family Tree Looks Like At Others And Myself Essay example

Reviewing And Creating My Family Tree Looks Like At Others And Myself Essay example

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Reviewing and creating my genogram was an interesting insight on what my family tree looks like to others and myself. Then creating an ecomap was also very stimulating due to the environment I choose to stay in and what I expose myself to. What really made me realize that my family gene pool has a lot of major diseases, for example myself having breast cancer and surviving the battle? Now I look at life different, I try to not stress, about stuff that I don’t have control of and to be positive and grateful for each day. By making a promise to myself that I would return back to school and earn a degree in something I can give back to society. So I chose to go into Social Work.
Looking at my ecomap, I realize now that we all work full time jobs, and don’t enjoy our extra time off with friends; majority of my time goes towards work, and school and studying. I remind myself that this is what I chose to do. My children are grown and the girls live own their own and Vince who lives with us, we hardly see him. Our household is not involved in a lot of social groups, church, or community involvement. We were more involved when the kids were younger with them belonging to different clubs and associations. Now my commitments are to attend the gym at least twice weekly, trying to take care of our health. What I miss the most is spending time with my husband Bruce, because we both work different schedules and have limited time in the day to see each other. Furthermore, doing my genogram made me more aware of our family health history.
After completing the genogram, I was aware that multiple births of girls and identical is an attribute in my family tree. Looking at my genogram I realized that we don’t have much divorce’s in th...

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...n life experiences. I was married at a young age, I experienced a marriage of alcohol and experienced drug abuse with one of my children and surviving the process of watching someone who you love and care for get clean and stay clean. Dealing with health issues and sickness, understanding the loss of loved ones. Working with people who suffer from depression, knowing the feelings of a child/adult with a parent who is depressed. After taking the ACE score, and scoring 0, as a child but to take it as an adult my experiences increased and I do believe that my stress and genes proved to me that the test is correct. Experiencing many things that happen to me in my life, I can’t judge other people because who am I to criticize them. So why I chose to go into Social Work is to give back to society and for me to help anyone who willing to listen to me and accept my advice.

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