A Career: My Career Goals For Social Work

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I have chosen social work as a profession because of my passion to help others. I want to make a difference in someone’s life and help them through the problems they are having. Whether the client needs counseling, guidance, or advocacy I want to be the person to help them. My drive for helping others and motivation to change social policies for the better is why I have chosen social work as my future profession. My career goals after completing a Master’s of Social Work degree is working with victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. I want to advocate and empower survivors that have gone through these types of traumatic assaults. I also want to raise awareness within communities and help break the cycle of abuse that continues …show more content…

I interned as a court advocate and attended court hearings while also working one on one with the client. I felt that this was the real test to see if the passion I’ve always had for helping others could now be applied in the social work profession. After the first month at Haven I was excited because I had finally found a job that I could actually see myself pursuing as a career. Not only has Haven taught me how to implement social policies and work with a variety of clients, but it also has changed me as a person. One of the things I was greatly affected by was trauma stewardship. I would find myself worrying constantly if I did everything correctly, but also replaying the cases in my head. I never really thought about self-care for myself while also helping others. This experience taught me that you have to be really self-aware of your feelings and take care of yourself. Attending weekly debriefing sessions at Haven has helped me greatly. My experience with Haven has also helped me with not only being a better professional but also has allowed me to be more aware of what I’m feeling; something I know that will be paramount when I enter the social work

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