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There is no one motivating factor that stered me to the field of social work. It was the totality of events and experiences in my early childhood that opened my eyes to the field of social work. The decision to pursue a career in social services was decided upon after many years of reflection, contemplation, soul searching, and questions. Before beginning the journey into my dream career, I ask myself a series of questions. What can I offer as a social worker? Can I set aside my own perceptions and values? What populations or situations would I feel uncomfortable working with, if any? Am I empathic enough to not only feel but understand? What is my motivation for pursuing a career in social services?
Am I ready for a journey of self awareness
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The core values are those that should serve as a roadmap for the social worker in his or her ethical obligations to their clients in the field of social services. There are several ways in which I am incorporating social work values in my human services experience and interaction with others. I make an effort to be trustworthy and not to betray confidential information. I respect the cultural differences of individuals. I interned at three different facilities with different populations ranging from mental illness, Aids and the underprivileged. I am continually striving to improve my knowledge in the field of social work through education, volunteering, and self-awareness which will benefit my future…show more content…
I was not ready, focused, or dedicated and as a result it reflected in my poor grades. This left me feeling like a failure, and my confidence was low in my abilities. It would take years before I would I feel confident enough in my abilities to return to college. As years passed I became focused, goal oriented, confident, and realized the path I wanted to pursue. It was a constant gnawing feeling to return to college. Once I felt confident in my abilities to succeed in college, I enrolled. As a result my grades improved to a 3.27 GPA. My academic strengths are my ability to focus, endure, prioritize and study. My deficiencies would be time management. I have set aside a time frame for study time this is what helped me to succeed in my undergrad program. Graduate school will be a rigorous and costly endeavor. I plan to prepare for this journey with the same persistence, commitment, focus, and dedication as I did in my undergrad program. The difference will be increased study time. Student loans, family contributions, and my own monetary contributions will be the source of payment for my graduate
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