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My interest in becoming a social worker started at a very young age. I remember always possessing the desire to help people who were in need and have frequently being the person who others have approached when faced with difficult situations. Often, I felt as if listening was not enough. I remember feeling unequipped to help them. When I spoke about this career choice with some of the big influences in my personal life, I was told no matter what situation I have ever been faced with I have always managed to handle myself appropriately in what were, sometimes, delicate situations. Whether these situations were with complete strangers or people I have known for years, mediation, has been something that has come naturally to me. In addition to …show more content…

I want to become a social worker to help connect people to available resources when they may be in a place of injustice or despair and offer them the guidance they may need to make important decisions that can be life changing. Also, I am interested in being a social worker because the work can be extremely rewarding. I do understand, some days will be extremely difficult, but I also understand that when you can go home at the end of the day, knowing you’ve done your best to help someone, that is a rewarding feeling and I will know that I chosen the right career path. I also believe strongly that people are inherently good and capable of doing good. All together, through different day to day experiences and my drive to do good and help facilitate change are just some of the reasons I am applying to a professional degree of social …show more content…

While volunteering there, I was placed in a local long-term care home for the elderly. This experience was highly beneficial. Working along side, nurses, care aids and other health care professionals was my first view inside the “system”. Volunteering at the Care Home, did not necessarily make up my mind on the field of social work but solidified my desire to work in the field of human services. I learnt from this experience at the hospital how profound my compassion for others truly was. It was not until my first year of college, that I started to volunteer with an organization that I am still with today and absolutely adore volunteering with. That organization is the Vernon Women’s Transition House in Vernon BC. I started off by filling in for employees who met in weekly meetings. While on the floor, I met many women who were in a place of ‘in-between’ and safety. This experience was eye opening. After a brief stay out-of-town, I returned to Vernon and again volunteered with the transition house – this time in another program: Support to Young Parents. This is an incredible housing program where young mothers who have fled abuse (potentially without the resources or parenting skills they truly need) can live long term. This apartment consists of 6 units, with the 7th unit converted into a resource and common space. The program

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that their interest in becoming a social worker started at an early age. they believe that people are inherently good and capable of doing good.
  • Explains that they have committed themselves to fulfill their degree in social work by continuously engaging in their learning through their professors and engaging with their peers.
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