Review Of ' Classmate One -to- One ' One Essay

Review Of ' Classmate One -to- One ' One Essay

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Classmate One -to- One
After already being stress out about the assignment, and rescheduling our one-to-one conversation three different times, I could tell that Marisa had a lot on her plate. The coffee shop we met at was all full but one table, and I just kept thinking how awkward it was going to be when other people overheard the deep life stories that we were about to share. Marisa and I were able to have a productive conversation for just over an hour because we both came ready to learn about one another.
Marisa told a number of stories about her life during our conversation and a few of them stuck out to me. The first one seems to be the story that Marisa thinks has really defined her as a person up to this point in her life. It was the first story that she shared, and the conversation kept tying back into the themes of this story even when she was talking about something completely different. The story is of Marisa journey through college. Being from Duluth, Marisa started out her college career at Superior College in Duluth. She was able to get her generals done there after two years. She then took a year off school to become certified at a hospital, after which she returned to school and began working on a nursing degree. After only having one more year left of nursing school Marisa realized she was not going to be happy as a nurse even though that was the career path her parents wanted her to take. Against the will of her parents she decided to pursue her dream of career in sports. With only one year left in her program she dropped out, and transferred to the University of Minnesota this year.
The second story that story that stuck out to me during our conversation was that of Marisa’s dream job. She dreams of one...

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...from places all over the country. Listening to Marisa made me inquire how my life would be right now if I decided that I wanted to stay close to my friends here the university form my hometown. After looking at this, I still think that I am happy with my choice to meet more people and expand my horizons, but I think that maybe I could attempt to reconnect with some friends from the past.
I think that the biggest thing that I will take away from this conversation with Marissa is present in myself as more confident. Marisa has a silent confidence about her, and I am attempting to emulate that. She was able to see what she wants in life and have the confidence and the gut to go after that. As I move forward in life after this conversation I will that of this when I am presented a challenge, and when I think of it I believe it will motivate me to go after what I want.

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