Laptop Use During Class in College

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College is a very challenging experience for a student. Classes consist of note taking, research, essays, lectures, group assignments, etc. Before technology, college students would use libraries for research, notebooks for note taking, letters for communication between the student and the university, and typewriters for typed assignments. Today, we have the possibility to do all of that with one gadget, the computer. The computer, alongside the Internet, has revolutionized the way students study and do assignments for class. Recently, computers have become ultra-portable laptops that could be used during class. Laptop use during class means that the student could compose neat notes, research on the information from the lecture, complete assignments; you can basically do everything with the laptop computer. Using a laptop in class is something one is not used to. During high school, you are not allowed to use any technological gadget during class. In college, you have the possibility to use a gadget that has revolutionized the lives of everyone. It is a privilege to use a laptop during class.

Being so that using a laptop is very useful during class, it is also a big distraction. Computers can now be used for movies, music, social websites, games, and everything that is fun. Students today abuse of this privilege by surfing the web or going on Facebook instead of paying attention to the lecture that is being given. This has been a great concern for professors. They have tried to instruct the student to use the laptop for academic purposes during class, but the majority of students do not listen. So professors have taken this problem to the university administration. Professors say that laptops are a big distraction when used dur...

... middle of paper ... or wants to prevent the student from getting distracted. This decision would be accepted if it were taken in high school. A college student is an adult that could make his or her own decisions. Their decision might not be the right one, but he or she will eventually learn from their mistake. It is a very generous thought the professor has for his or her student, but forgets that he or she is teaching a class with adult students who are old enough to make his or her own decisions. I end this paper with this quote by Denis Waitley, which states: “There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” We as students and adults should debate this ban on laptop usage and fight for our academic rights. The laptop is clearly the best method for note taking and it helps the student succeed in college.
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