Review : An Education System Worthy of Malaysia Essay

Review : An Education System Worthy of Malaysia Essay

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The title of the article “Deficiencies of The System” is extracted from the book “An Education System Worthy of Malaysia”, written by M. Bakri Musa. The article discusses the poor education system in Malaysia that encompasses every aspect of schooling from pre-school to the university level. The author mixes personal experience, third-person experience and data evidence to address the poorly constructed system. The author works as a surgeon by day in Silicon Valley, California. He and his wife, Karen lives in Morgan Hill, California.
This paragraph summarises the messages stated by the author. He discusses his personal experience of his own daughter’s attitude attending preschool as compared to his neighbour’s daughter. He mentions his experience as a temporary secondary science teacher and a UKM medical lecturer. He questioned the insistence of pushing Science subjects in English when the nation is lacking of trained science teachers. The author discusses the system from three perspectives, namely: access, equity and quality. He also stated that the government is not interested in analysing the data of Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) before criticising vocational education as a haphazard affair. Bakri Musa compares American vocational training with the Malaysia system. He condemns the religious school for being too backward thinking. He also commented on residential schools and Matrikulasi. He criticises the universities for not preparing the graduates well to meet the needs of the working environment as well as the schemes that the government made to aid the graduates. He, too, disapproves the amendment of Universities and Colleges Act of 1971.
The article was written in 2003, it was Tun Dr Mahat...

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