The Kurds and Kurdistan: Past, Present And Future

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The borders of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey divide the Kurdish people, the biggest ethnic group without a nation state. This paper seeks to shed light on whom the Kurds are, the territory they claim being a part of their right, and more on the status of their struggle for nationhood, an independent Kurdistan with its main focus on Iraqi Kurdistan. It also establishes the relationship with the nation-states in which they (Kurds) live. The study also explores the challenges, and resolutions, of and by the Kurds. For Kurds to face their plight and get solutions, they have had to take hard decisions. Such a decision is the resolve by some of them to take part in the guerilla movements against the oppressing countries. It will be important, therefore, to establish what inspired their entry into guerilla movements, how they developed guerilla formations, other nation-states’ reactions, international interventions, and the future shaping of the formations’ activities. Related to the guerilla formations, is the quest for autonomy, and the effects on the Kurds’ global relations. It is vital to grasp the historical, present and future attempts at attaining autonomy, the challenges in the quest for autonomy, the reaction from other nation-states, and if there is any global support towards attainment of independence. In any walk, there are bound to be enemies. The enemies of the Kurds are those nations and elements that have been causing stagnation in their quest for autonomy. An exploration of the various ways this has been happening shall be fundamental. Also, there are ways in which they have had self-inflicted stagnation. Such ways need elucidation. The above will guide on the future of the Kurds. The future of the Kurds will depend on ... ... middle of paper ... .../ Jwaideh, Wadie. The Kurdish National Movement: It’s Origins and Development. New York, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2006. Print. Marcus, Aliza. Blood and Belief: The PKK and the Kurdish Fight for Independence. New York, NY: New York University, 2007. Print. McLachlan, Sean. American Civil War Guerrilla Tactics. New York: Osprey Publishing Ltd, 2009. Print. Meho, Lokman. The Kurds and Kurdistan: A selective and Annotated Bibliography. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1997. Print. Pike, John. Kurdistan Workers’ Party. 2004. Web. 7 Dec. 2013. Salih, Khaled, McGarry, John., and O’Leary, Brendan. The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 2005. Print. Thyne, Clayton. How International Relations Affect Civil Conflict. Plymouth: Lexington Books, 2009. Print.

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