The Responsibility Of Nurses With A Bsn Essay

The Responsibility Of Nurses With A Bsn Essay

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Contemplating on the big responsibility that nurses will have to fulfill in the future, I see myself in a good position. I said that because I love the field and want to do it until I retired God’s willing. It is not impossible to achieve the recommendations on increasing the proportion of nurses with a BSN by 2020. The field of nursing is very fulfilling and anyone who loves people and wants to serve can be a great nurse. I know now I can help a lot to continue their education by being the example of someone who had many obstacles to overcome. Now a month away from receiving her BSN. I had a love in my heart to do more after I became PCA and worked at a nursing home. I took the necessary steps from being a PCA to a BSN. However from the beginning the ride was not easy. I remember like yesterday, when I first got to San Antonio, Texas looking for a better life for my family. I could barely speak English and I had 4 young children. We only had one car so I had to wait for my husband so I could go to school at night to get my GED after I finish taking care of the kids, cleaning and co...

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