Nursing: Role, And Nursing Roles In Nursing

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There are many different roles in the profession of nursing. The role of a nurse is determined by experiences the nurse has had over the years and the particular needs of the patient at the time of care. Two of the many roles that nurses perform in the healthcare setting are provider of care and member of the profession. The responsibilities nurses have acquired over the years shows the value of caring toward the patient in need. The roles and professional values listed above play a major part in how evidence-based practice is used in the healthcare setting. Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) will help me develop more values in regards to patient care. When a nurse takes on the role as provider of care, the patient as a whole…show more content…
That bond is also strengthened when the nurse shows interest in wanting to help the patient heal and get better. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing website, “Historically, the nursing role has emphasized partnerships- whether individuals, families, groups, communities, or populations- in order to foster and support the patient’s active participation in determining health care decisions.” It takes a team when it comes to the care and well-being of a patient. Nurses are considered member of profession that helps contribute to the patient’s health care needs. Member of profession is also someone who takes the role of the patient’s advocate. To be the best provider of care and member of profession, evidence-based practice must be incorporated into everyday nursing care. Evidence-based practice, research and theory knowledge all aide in the improvement of the patient’s health and prevents other diseases from occurring. “Evidence-based nursing practice relies on evidence from research and refers to clinicians making an effort to integrate research finding into clinical…show more content…
I have always wanted to help those in need. Due to financial circumstances, I could only afford to go to community college after completion of high school. I have been practicing nursing for five years as a medical-surgical nurse. Every year since graduating with my Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN), I have put going back to school on the backburner. I told myself that 2015 will be the last year that I made excuses on why I couldn’t continue my education. I have chosen to pursue my BSN degree because it will provide me with better knowledge and skills to care for my patients. Before entering the BSN program, I knew absolutely nothing about nursing research and how that applies to evidence-based practice. I am now understanding the process of research as I am advancing through the program. I can compare the professional values of caring to me wanting to pursue a BSN by making the patient a priority. Advancing my education helps me to care for my patients in a better way because I am learning new ways to promote health and wellness by using evidence-based practice. I also wanted to pursue a BSN because I knew it would help advance my critical thinking skills as a nurse. Critically thinking and working as a team are extremely important when caring for patients. The care that I provide creates lasting and trusting relationships with patients that they will never
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