The Importance Of Nurses In Nursing

Nurses play an important role in helping families become competent and more confident as they engage in the healthcare of themselves and their loved ones. We will examine the nurse’s role in home visit programs, community nursing centers, public health departments, home education and community education. In addition, we will see how they have benefited and impacted the families in these settings and ways the family health nurse is useful as a community resource.
Nurse Home Visiting Programs Nurse family relationships are endorsed by such relationships as visiting nurses that allows the nurse to train the patient and the family in a familiar situation (SmithBattle, Lorenz, & Leander, 2013). By providing nursing care and teaching
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In this setting, nurses will focus on health promotion and prevention through screenings, well-child visits, and education (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tabaccco, & Hanson 2015). The nurses in these centers see a diverse background of individuals in vulnerable communities and need to be cultural competent, perform quality assessments and evaluative their strategies for effectiveness (Waite, R., Nardi, D., & Killian, P. (2013). They are located in both rural and urban communities to assist in the needs of the community. These centers are more aimed at empowering the individual to better control their own health care needs through the screenings and education they…show more content…
Many times people do not understand what they do, or should be doing simply because they lack the knowledge. Long before we as a nation realized smoking was bad for you, many people smoked. Through knowledge they concluded that smoking was bad for you, why and how to stop and best practice was never starting. Through education nurses can bring vital health information and prevention to the community, family and individual. By doing so, the nurse can raise awareness about the hazards, risks and avoidance to the community or family. Teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, suicide, bullying, diabetes, obesity and smoking are a few of the issues that these nurses address. The home educator works at a smaller scale with individuals and families about issues like living with chronic illnesses and prevention of co-morbidities. They provide education to the family about how to manage behaviors and other medical issues. By providing the community, family and individual with the knowledge and skills they need to prevent and manage health issues they empower the whole to be healthier through good decisions, prevention and early
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