The Role Of A Nurse Practitioner

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Nurse Practitioner as a Health Educator
Health education entails a series of well-organized learning experiences which are aimed at increasing the knowledge of individual patients and the community as a whole on matters concerning their lives and knowledge on common diseases. Health teaching also aims to instill change in individual behavior and attitude which forms base to better living standards. Health education, therefore, enables individuals to intensify control over their lives leading to improved lifestyles (WHO, 2006). In order to facilitate the process of primary health prevention which is implemented through vigorous health education, there is need to appreciate the role of the nurse practitioner who, in his or her line of training,
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The patients have a right to know about their diagnosis, the treatment regimens and treatment plans scheduled for them, the risks involved in their therapy, the costs of treatment among other key things in their line of treatment. The nurse is, therefore, charged with the duty of ensuring that the patients have enough knowledge concerning their rights (Bradshaw, 2016). A role which is implemented through repeated and reinforced health education. Again, the need to acquire knowledge on the current status during treatment is important because it forms a base for psychological stability during…show more content…
The nurse has a duty to offer counseling services for patients who need them. The nurse will, for example, counsel and teach the patients living with HIV/AIDS on healthy living standards and measures on how they can improve their lives as they prevent the spread of the virus (WHO, 2006). The nurses can also teach lactating mothers on proper feeding techniques and better breastfeeding methods which modern enough and have scientific bases. Patients living with chronic conditions such as cancer also need holistic care approach which can best be provided by the nurse practitioner. A holistic care approach takes into consideration, the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of care (Rankin,

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