The Nursing Roles: The Role And Role Of Nursing

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This assignment will discuss and introduce the different aspects of the nursing profession. A detailed investigation of the topic will help to understand the changes in the nursing role through the centuries and clarify the shape of nursing today. This essay will concentrate on the four main areas of the study such a historical background, professional and ethical influences, philosophical impact and the political effects on the nursing profession. After an analysis of the relevant and professional literature, it is clear, that the professional role of the nurse is highly related and influenced by the stated above subject areas for a number of reasons.
According to the International Council of Nurses (2015), the duty of nurses is to provide
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Replacing by monetized service appeared to be dishonoured (Robinson 2005). According to Dingwall et. al. (1988), since 1948 the idea of the hospital, nurses, doctors and health care started to be pretty clear. Looking at health care system in 1800 there was not legal term which could apply to the medical practice or define the role of the medical professionals. History of the nursing profession started to be shaped towards the organisation with the person of Florence Nightingale who contributed as a nurse in the Crimean War and had influential views (Abel-Smith 1960) on the healthcare sector those days. Although Nightingale high social connection and excellent education she gained could provide her with prospectfull career, she decided that there is higher task for herself where sick, poor and less fortunate calling for her help. Florence influenced by her religion believed that she needs to help others from the will of God (Pulliam 2014). Her attitude and important connections with social politic side made the possibility to introduced the changes and improve the public health, which was noticeable especially in the hospitals. Nightingale had significant impact and shaped modern nursing profession. She was determinate to never repeat the errors she witnessed during the Crimean War. Florence book, Notes on Nursing (1859) according to Alligood (2013) is about the clinical observation where Nightingale presenting the difference between the specifically trained nurses and the care

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