Research: The Sampling Design Process Essays

Research: The Sampling Design Process Essays

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The sampling design process includes five steps which are closely related and are important to all aspect of the marketing research project. The five steps are: defining the target population; determining the sample frame; selecting a sampling technique; determining the sample size; and executing the sampling process.
1. Defining the Target Population: The target population is the population that the reasearcher thinks has the information he or she needs to carry out the research project.
2. Determining the Sample Frame: A sample frame is a representation of the target population.
3. Selecting a Sampling Technique: Selecting a sampling technique may require a little bit more time and may also involve several decisions, such as whether to use a Bayesian or traditional sampling approach, sample with or without replacement, and use non-probability or probability sampling
4. Determining the Sample Size: Determining the sample size involves several qualitative and quantitative considerations, such as the importance of the decision; the nature of the research; the number of variables in...

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