The Process of Opening a Halfway House

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There are elements that should be considered in having a winning business proposal. These elements include Solutions, Benefits, Credibility & Samples and Targeted. Solution includes stating the needs and problems that could or would occur then one would give solutions that one could be implemented. Benefits would include an outlined plan as to what benefits to be gained in doing business with this particular halfway house. Credibility and Sample is having a familiarity with clients in the area or having had a previous experience that can give a third-party endorsement that will give one the credibility.

Targeted entails communication, which knows the correct language that is spoken by the intended clients that the business is trying to win. If the proposed clients are from an engineering background or financial department then use the appropriate jargon.

Let’s say John from the time he was 14 years of age was on drugs in and out of juvenile homes. When John turned 18 years of age he commits a crime the sends him to prison where he spend the next 20 plus years of his life. Confined by concrete walls bob wired fences and being told when he could go to bed when to get out of bed. John is told when to eat and when not eat not even having a choice to what he can he eat his only choice is to eat what before him or not at all.

The purpose of a halfway house or also called a recovery house is generally to allow people to begin the process of reintegration with society, where monitoring and support will be provided. This is to reduce the risk of recidivism or relapse where in most cases ex-convicts would be released directly back into society. The halfway houses that is being purposed is meant solely for the reintegration of persons who have been recently released from prison or jail, others are meant for people with chronic mental health disorders, and others are for ex-convicts with substance abuse issues.

Unlike a Sober halfway houses are many times a voluntary places for residence where most residents may have no criminal records whatsoever. There is more often opposition from neighborhoods where families are fearful of halfway houses attempted to locate in there neighborhoods.

Typically work-release program we utilize a halfway house instead of a high secure institution or facility for nighttime confinement and weekend supervision.

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