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Research Methods and Design Essay

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Using required reading, discussions, and quizzes for references, I have produced in this assignment a scholarly document that addresses three topic areas: (a) philosophy of research, (b) core concept for research design, and (c), other approaches to research. I assessed explicit knowledge-base description of key concepts and questions related to the topic area. The purpose of this assignment was to demonstrate necessary proficiency in identification, articulation, and application, of related components characteristic of the social sciences.

According to Lodico, Spaulding and Voegtle (2010), applied research is research assessing the value and efficacy of particular educational practices. The goal is to ascertain the applicability of educational theories and principles by testing hypotheses within explicit settings (p. 10). With that said, throughout this course specific readings, discussions, and quizzes have been required so that understanding of theoretical frameworks in applied research might be developed. Additionally, appropriate use of both qualitative and quantitative methods of research have been studied in order to confidently articulate and to implement the findings of the specific method of study associated with the social sciences. Accordingly, I have composed a scholarly essay that describes, discusses, and applies appropriate relationships found in (a) philosophy of research, (b) core concept for research design, and (c), other approaches to demonstrate my aptitude to understand and process applied research approaches.
Philosophy of Research
All natural and social sciences have their foundations grounded in philosophical considerations and positions. Methodological and ...

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