Rob Guerette Research Design

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RESEARCH DESIGN The article by Rob Guerette is a case study involving the widely-reported increase of immigration into the United States. It tackles migration issues as well as related issues such as border security , security initiatives by individuals.. The article also provides in-depth research about the impact of illegal immigration into the United States including migrant deaths, deaths of non-migrants at the border, border security and the challenges faced by United States border patrol officers. The main purpose of the article was to provide an explanation as to whether the Border Patrol has any effect in saving the lives of people attempting to enter into the United States (Guerette, 2007). TYPE OF DATA USED The author has employed the use of qualitative data in order to draw out and support his ultimate conclusions. The author has used several types of data sources, including the BSI data system. The BSI is described as a “problem based policing strategy for data collection.” SAMPLING PROCEDURE USED A random sampling procedure was used to help remove bias in the author’s data collection. The data was collected from different websites that analyze border security. Random sampling procedure was effective because it helped the researchers choose from different previously-conducted research designs, and provide a summary of information collected from different areas of study. The dependent variable in the study is border security, while the independent variable in the study is the immigrants. From the research presented in the article, it is evident that the issue of border security is influenced by the issue of immigrants in the region (Rugg & Petre, 2007). FINDINGS OF THE STUDY According to the findings of the s... ... middle of paper ... ...ility of the experimental method is somewhat limited in that some outcomes cannot generalize into real world outcomes. The design method used was also expensive, since there are several pieces of equipment and tools that were required to complete the study. Further, the reliability of the study is limited in that it failed to identify and analyze the relative import of other factors that could lead to fatal accidents, such as localized infrastructure deficiencies. (DAlessio, Stolzenberg and Terry, Clinton, 1999). References DAlessio, S; Stolzenberg, L., and Terry, W. Clinton III (1999). Eyes on the Street: The Impact of Tennessees Emergency Cellular Telephone Program on Alcohol related Fatal Crashes. Crime and Delinquency, 45(4): 453- 466 Rugg, G., & Petre, M. (2007). A gentle guide to research methods. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill/Open University Press.

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