Sociological Theories In Sociology

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The term sociology is used to refer to the scientific study of the social behaviors and the societal components like the origin, its developments, the organization structure, institutional networks and the manner in which all these factors are related or fit into one system. Sociology is categorized as a social science because it applies empirical methods of investigation as well as the critical analysis of situations in the development of a pool of knowledge related to social orders or disorders and social relationships. The main aim of sociology therefore is to provide an avenue upon which human beings can understand each other as well as the social process around them. The modern time sociology entails understanding the society
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Sociology is applied widely in the Meritocracyzation and social interaction setup because it forms the base upon which conversation are created and exchanged. For a social interaction to happen, the individuals involved should know the social backgrounds of each other so that they can know how to address it. The study of people’s behaviors (sociology) contributes greatly enhancing a social interaction. On the other hand, sociology enhances that power is passed on and vested in the rightful way in the society (Stolte, Fine & Cook, 2001). Meritocracy involves given power and credit where it is deserved. The sociological skills of understanding and observation are used in determination of achievements that have been demonstrated by people. Moreover sociology discusses global, class and gender inequality, its nature, causes and influence on human…show more content…
Therefore, the issues of race, ethnicity and social constructions are best understood as themes of sociology. In the globalized world, there exist various diverse people with different racial backgrounds, different cultural values and beliefs as well as diverse social structures and constructions. The modern man intermingles with people having all the above traits and it is only through sociological approach that it becomes possible to relate and understand the people and their diverse backgrounds. On the other hand, the study of sociology provides us with social norms which are very useful in determination of the material cultures, non material cultures and the socializing agents in the society. These three components of a social system are very important in the running of the day to day life activities since they act as the guides towards human behaviors and the way in which human beings are expected or supposed to react to certain situations. Sociology is often termed as the mirror of the society due to its ability to show the elements that the society is made of. All human beings are restricted to adhering to certain norms in their cultural setups based on the sociological principles that their background is based upon. For instance, most cultures regard respect for elderly people and hence demand it from the people always (Macionis & Gerber,
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