Religion Is A Moral Standard For People Essay

Religion Is A Moral Standard For People Essay

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Religion is a belief concerned with supernatural powers and forces and an intellectual function searching for order. Some people have religions because religion sets a moral standard for people, creates a community of individuals having common goals and values, promotes social solidarity, and makes people confident. Other people have religion because it provides an explanation for their misfortune in times of getting in trouble; it works when something unfair happened; it is used to explain some causality. Religion gives people reasons to live, helps them allay fears and reduce anxiety, and provides comfort when they are distressed. However, when Islam became a feature of the events of 11 September 2001 and of the contemporary global events of the War on Terror and ISIS that followed, views and attitudes toward religion changed for good (Glover). People around the world have a very distinct generalization of Muslims, believing that the Islam is essentially evil because Muslims use religion as their justification for violent and aggressive actions. As a result, discrimination and prejudice were bestowed upon the Islamic religion. Although extreme Muslims are Muslims, these extremists cannot represent all the Muslims. Islam is a religion based on revelations received by the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century A.D., which were later recorded in the Quran, Islam’s sacred text; followers of Islam are called Muslim (“Islam”). According to the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad, Muslim should be truthful, sincere, loyal, spiritual, and tolerant (“Myths About Islam”). Because of being misrepresented by the media and politics, Islam and Muslims are considered as a radical religion and extremists. Although some Islamic extremists are a racist p...

... middle of paper ... in dignity, and the rights to religious freedom is inhumane and should definitely be condemned. The increase of wars, such as the attack of 9/11, the civil war in Syria, and ISIS terrorist acts, the conflicts of the Buddhist community and Muslim community in Tibet, falsely used Islamic religion to justify their violence (Shadbolt). However, these conflicts should not lead the public to blame the religion itself and the innocent followers since Christian, Jews, and other religious followers were similarly filled with examples of violence and conflicts in the name of their faiths in the history. Religious extremists should not represent all of the religious followers. Failing to distinguish truth from myth will lead people to misunderstand Islam, narrow their perspectives of Muslims, and thus, be completely misguided, causing them to act differently towards Muslims.

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