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Islam is a monotheistic religion and has been world’s fastest spreading religion. The religion Islam is originated in the seventeenth century by an Arabian prophet called Muhammad in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Seventeenth century was period of slavery and cold war. Islam is an Arabic word which means submission and it basically means submission to god and realizing his power. The followers of Islam is called Muslims. The meaning of Muslim is to surrender and it basically means surrender themselves to Prophet Muhammad and by obeying his instruction they can surrender to Allah. The scared text of Islam is Quran. Major Islamic branches include Shiite Islam (Shia) and Sunni Islam. They belief that to achieve heaven they need to fulfill five pillars of Islam which include creed (shahadha), prayer (salah), almsgiving (Zakat), fasting (sawm) and pilgrimage (hajj). The various aspects of Islam can be further discussed through Muhammad life, Quran, hijrah, core beliefs of Muslim, contributions of Islam, and by discussing how it is related to western civilization.
The word Muhammad is known as the praised one. His mother heard an angelic voice while she was pregnant and he was born covered in light. He was born to Hashim clan of Quraysh tribe in 570 CE. (Fisher 176) Muhammad was visited by two angles at the stage of infancy and they removed sin from his heart by using a pure white snow. He have a birthmark in his back which is surrounded by hair and Jews identified this as the mark of godliness. Muhammad’s father died before he was born. His father was doing a trading journey and after his father’s death his family fell on hard times. Muhammad was sent to a Bedouin tribe to be wet nursed as per the custom and a poor woman took him in so Muhamm...

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...etween Islam and western civilization. The differences in the belief, rituals, and the culture. Islam has some common features with western civilization. Throughout this paper, the most surprising fact that I found out was the contribution of Islam to the modern world, which were geometry, algebra, geography, physics, science, trigonometry, sine, tangent, and co-tangent. The lesson that I learned from this paper would be about the five pillars. Even though, every single pillar doesn’t apply to me the second pillar which represents prayer was a great lesson to be learned. It also revealed to me how important is the role of prayer in Islam society. Overall, it was a great experience learning about the Muhammad life, Quran, Hijrah, core beliefs of Muslim, contributions of Islam to the modern world, and this research helped me to understand more in depth about islam.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that islam originated in the seventeenth century by an arabian prophet called muhammad in mecca, saudi arabia.
  • Explains that muhammad is known as the praised one. his mother heard an angelic voice while pregnant and he was born covered in light.
  • Explains that quran is the uncreated word of god which is given through muhammad.
  • Describes the contributions that islam gave to the world in educational basis, including geometry, algebra, geography, physics, trigonometry, sine and tangent, and camera obscura.
  • Explains that islam and western civilizations are related with the feature of human rights. they believe that all humans are created by god and all are equal.
  • Explains that muhammad's fiftieth year was the year of sorrows due to the loss of his wife khadijah and his caring uncle.
  • Explains that the changes brought by the modern islam have taken the privilege and prestige of the old islam.
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