Reflective Account: A Presentation about Somalia

Reflective Account: A Presentation about Somalia

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This task is the calculation reflects my presentation, for the purpose of this task I will review the entire presentation by during and before I had made, under this meditation will go to make a different phase; Including a description of a few of my chosen topics, any kind of material I have used for the transfer of this offer , and the way I applied sudden efforts as well as the experience, knowledge and feedback gained throughout the presentation. My conclusion, I will consider any plan of action which I need to improve my skills in speaking in front of a large audience or any offer in the future.
When I first decided to take Somalia as a theme of my presentation, I was very excited to do. Because most of the students in my class, they did not have any idea about Somalia . This was a good opportunity to give an idea of Somali, such as language and history.
I started to organize my presentation before two weeks of my presentation deadline. Personally I had more information about the topic; but always I am worried, about how things will become so that I focused to do more research. During “researching” the languages that relates Somalian dialect were the most portion that I searched: because it was an important element at my theme, as well as I did not have any previous ideas about them. I always looked to find a reliable website where I could get a trustful information; thus most English websites have not provided enough information whether they wrote short description or information that I already knew it.
Afterwards, I had changed direction of my research and used my own language. Frankly, I found plenty information that I needed as well as they provided links of very informative websites where I learnt lots of new...

... middle of paper ...

...ntly than I thought before. This puts me pressure because my voice pace becomes faster than normal thus, I prevented to engage any kind of grandiloquent. Another surprisingly I found during the presentation, that I need to discuss the issues in greater depth , rather than normal so this was the biggest impact of my plan, and it is a most pragmatic experience I learned throughout the presentation.
I generally got positive feedback from all the students , and they all loved my presentation , as well as a part of them told me that they have learned a lot of Somalia and the way I put images in the slides was very “palpable” and attractive consequently this was great news for me. Therefore, I will be aware of my next presentation to take care the planing of the information that do I need to talk because I learned that choosing the best is not a lot of information.

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