Reading Stories For Me Is An Important Way Essay

Reading Stories For Me Is An Important Way Essay

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Reading stories for me is an important way to know things that no one else will tell you. Sometimes it may be boring to read and all you want is to get to the point instead of going step by step with a story. What we don’t know is that going step by step helps us to learn and better understand details that we won’t notice in a movie. Made up stories also impacts our life because we believe what we read and it takes us to places that in real life won’t happen. Watching a video/movie is not the same if you don’t read with details what you’re about to see. When you read you understand so much the story that you begin to plot down why in the movie they picked out the most important things from the book or story.
Written stories have a great effect on the people reading it because they learn the perspectives of others. Readers gather information from reading stories whether they are from first, second or third person perspective. The reason we should care about written stories are because we learn from them and we actually relate to what we read. Although some stories can be fiction, we the readers feel a sensation that what we are reading is a sense of going to another world. Believing something you want for it to happen makes us become more engage to a story, we see beyond what really is happening and we also can be adding stuff to the story for it to make sense to us. When its nonfiction we learn the stories of other people(authors) and we may think that these stories can impact our way of seeing things from a different perspective. It gives us details of things that may occur in our own lives to put it in practice, basically giving us lessons we can learn from reading these nonfiction stories. From the stories that are made up w...

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...ry and store lots of details that in a movie you’ll forget easily because you’ll try to picture the story in your head.
In conclusion, reading stories is a very important role in our lives. We not only understand what we’re reading but we are learning from what we read. We can relate to it whether is made up or real because stories catch our attention the minute a specific topic is heard by reading it. We analyze what we read, which makes us more interested in reading. Its way better to read a long story than to watch a long movie of a story. Reading is a tool for our brain; like food for our body. We become stronger when we read, we become smarter, we learn words that for others are hard to define. And an important part of reading stories is that it helps you develop to even write your own stories for others to read. Reading stories is an inspiration to our lives.

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