The Importance Of Reading And Reading

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It’s important to know how to read and using the right grammar. It’s also important knowing how to understand reading in the first place. Reading takes a lot of time to get used to, and now, since we are getting older, it’s already simple for us. I learned how to read better in a different way, and this is why I’m very good at reading and typing and understanding. First, I learned how to read ever since I was a little kid like all of us did. We learned how to pronounce words and we kept doing it whenever we were right. While we were all getting used to it, I started to understand what we were doing. As much as I chose not to read, I realized that it was going to help me long term, so I kept pushing myself. I read a book to my mom one day,…show more content…
We always correct ourselves whenever we are wrong. I always make sure there are no mistakes whenever I type, and it makes me better at reading and typing and even writing. They always make sure that this is correctly spelled, or if I mess up on talking. They compliment me every day with the way I talk or type. And again, that helps me keep going and keep typing the way I do. I feel like one day I could be a journalist for sports. I can get better at typing and writing, and I also know a lot about football. So, one day I might start with talking about football, and get the latest news about it. I will know along the way that I’ll be able to type and write even better than how I do now, and I enjoy getting better at it. It will also help other football fans better understand it too, so it would be a good idea to do…show more content…
My friends also helped me out as well. But I think one of the other reasons why I got the idea at typing and reading is No Red Ink. I started that in 7th grade, but I never did it because it felt difficult to complete. But, in 8th grade, I knew that I had to do them more often. I started doing it, and I was getting decent grades from the quizzes. It seemed so satisfying to do, so I kept doing it. Everything carried on in high school, and I kept doing the No Red Inks over and over. I got better at it, and so did my typing and reading. No Red Ink helps out a ton when it comes to grammar. It’s not as interesting whenever I get the practice wrong, but that just makes me want to get it right no matter what. Another way that helped me how to read and write is my phone. Unfortunately, it is a distraction when I get into it too much, but a simple text helps me. Even Facebook helped me. I use to text so many of people on it, and when I kept doing it, I got better at it. Kind of like Smallworlds. The more I typed, the better I got at it. Or even reading the text. But my phone helps me out with my grammar and I plan on doing

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