Compare And Contrast Reading Books And Watching Movies

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Reading Books Vs. Watching Movies
"Books and movies are like apple and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.” said Stephen King ( It is indeed true, books and movies have several common things and yet have differences. They both give us the same story, but are viewed completely different. Reading books and watching movies are similar as they both tell a story and give details and information about the story. Reading books or watching movies gives the reader and the viewer the same feeling and emotions about the story. People can feel gloomy or pleased with the story after reading a book or watching a movie. Both books and movies have the same general concepts, which are the themes and main characters of
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People have to be determined and focused in order to complete a whole book. Everyone has, at some point of their life tried to read a book and some have even given up after battling to read through the first page. On the other hand, watching movies is easy and can save a lot of time. Usually a movie takes about two hours, while reading a book could take more than a week or even months for some readers. Individuals think perusing books and watching movies are the same, so they will watch the movie for their time 's sake. Also, watching movies provide superior picture about the story since it is visual and is within a short timeframe so, the audience can remember the story easier. To add more, you can complete a movie in one sitting while to complete a book, you have to work hard and give a lot time for it. Furthermore, you can do anything while watching movies. For instance, you can do your assignment while watching movies or cook food and watch movies. On the other hand, while reading a book, you need to be fully focused on it else you don’t understand what’s happening in the story. Besides, movies continue renewing each week, whereas for a book to be composed and distributed takes a lot of time (Lee, Before movies were made, most of the population read books to engage and improve themselves. Since movies came out, people are pulled in by the delightful and bright representation in the motion…show more content…
Also, books usually have more characters and give continued suspense so that the reader will be hooked or addicted to finish the book to find out the story. On the other hand, movie producers need to eliminate so many details about the story in order to squeeze everything into one to two hours. Due to this, those people who love detail information about stories usually prefer books than movies as movies does not have a detailed information about the story. Furthermore, reading books can not only enhance the reader’s vocabulary and creativity, but also increase their reading and writing skills, while watching movies only provides entertainment (Lee,
Therefore, books and movies have their own importance and it completely depends on people whether they prefer reading books or watching movies. Their reasons can be different on their preference for books or movies, but whatever the reason is, reading books and watching movies have the same purpose in their life. Both tell a story and give details and information, and people read books or watch movies to entertain and utilize their leisure
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