Racism Is Still Today 's Society Essay

Racism Is Still Today 's Society Essay

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Or not so much. With cars that can parallel park themselves and 3-D cellphones, we have proven to ourselves we can accomplish extraordinary feats; but there is one obstacle that we have yet to move out of our way—racism. It is astonishing how many people think that we live in a post racial society. In a conversation I had with my French teacher, a Texas born, Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, I asked her opinion of recent events in the media and if she believes that racism is still prevalent in today’s society. “It’s 2015, Mr. Moss. Things are different.” Then I asked for her thoughts on for-profit prisons and the speculations that they use racism as a means to boost their profits. She said that privatized prisons make their money off of every race of inmates, and suggested that racism plays no factor. These statements left me shocked, confused, and curious. A high ranking officer in the United States Air Force does not believe racism is still a significant issue, and that it has no effect on our prison systems. However, prison populations are growing exponentially and recent events in the news illustrate that racism is still rampant across America and this has a direct effect on the over representation of Black men in prison.
What sparked my interest in this issue was a quote from the American Rapper Kanye West, who was named one of Time Magazine’s 2015’s one hundred most influential people in the world. “Meanwhile the DEA teamed up with the CCA. They are trying to lock [African Americans] up; they are trying to make new slaves. See that 's that private owned prison,
get your piece today” (West New Slaves). As Mr. West so bluntly states, private prison organizations like the Corrections Corporations of America, CCA, alo...

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...cism in order to keep their facilities full and to boost their profits.
We are a decade and a half into the new century, and we are still dealing with the same problems from fifty years ago. Dr. King sat in a Birmingham jail fighting for the rights of all minorities, but we are still far from seeing Dr. Kings dream come true. Women do not get paid as much as men, it is legal for police men to racially profile and stop you in Arizona, and black youths are being carelessly killed through our nation. With privatized prisons acting as the new slavery and crooked cops acting as the slave drivers, it seems as though we have yet to shake our troubled past. As I explained these issues to my French teacher, I could see a change in perspective. Even though some people are stuck in their old habits and old mentalities, I say to them: “Hey, it’s 2015. Things are different now.

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