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Why does racism continue to take place in the United States today? According to the sociology textbook Our Social World, minority groups are ones that differ from the dominant group, which is why they have less power, fewer privileges, and are discriminated against. The textbook also explains how there are numerous ways for dominant and minority groups to interact. Genocide is the killing of the minority group by the dominant group, while pluralism is the complete opposite whereas different ethnic or racial groups accept one another’s beliefs and values, and manage to respect each other. Multiple strategies to cope with prejudice, discrimination, and racism are used by minority groups to deal with their statuses: passing (blending in with dominant groups), acceptance, avoidance, and aggression. In America, racism against minority groups has improved, but is nowhere near ending. To determine people’s opinions on racism and why it exists, I …show more content…

Media plays a huge role regarding race relations because there are always racist comments on social media, television, etc. and that teaches people – especially children – that it is okay to discriminate against either different races, cultures, or ethnicities. Discrimination through media is even discusses in the textbook: “during World War II American films often showed negative stereotypes of Japanese and German People.” One more problem with race relations in the United States is employers. Some bosses/CEO’s refuse to hire a certain race, which is discrimination – according to SAGE journal articles – because members of a particular group are being excluded from certain privileges. Another article also said that “During the fourth quarter of 2012, unemployment among whites stood at 6.3 percent; for Hispanics it was 9.8 percent; for blacks, 14.0 percent”, due to the fact that racial discrimination exists where success takes

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that minority groups differ from the dominant group, which is why they have less power, fewer privileges, and are discriminated against.
  • Explains that making assumptions toward different races was the number one reason that was agreed on; four out of five people interviewed had it on their list.
  • Opines that the majority of respondents agreed on the issue of ignorance — people judge others' cultures without understanding them first. better-informed people are more open to other people's or other race’s point of views.
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