Analysis Of Aftershock: Beyond The Civil War

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Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War
In the aftermath of the Civil War, America began a time known as the Reconstruction period. The reconstruction period seemed to be more of a period of destruction. Although the war had ended, riots started to take form, conflict occurred in political offices, and freedom for slaves was not at all that free. Although slavery was not the primary reason for going to war, what seems to me in my opinion is that the first major black rights movement was made during that time for freedom to fight for the country, and for the chance of liberation through the Emancipation Proclamation. What came after the war was civil unrest as two different societies in our nation had been clashing through physical and political battles. …show more content…

It would be ignorant to say racism does not exist till today. There is almost a complete 100 year difference between the reconstruction period and the Civil Rights Movement for equal rights to the Black society. While slavery took time to vanish in the south in those hundreds of years, segregation was pushed harshly, laws we 're enacted to prevent Blacks from having certain privileges that whites had. Segregation almost seemed to kick the Blacks out of the society we live together in. The Jim Crow laws had made efficient work in separating the Blacks from the Whites in society, and it took the Civil Rights movement in 1964 to finally bring more equality to the African-American society. However, the Ku Klux Klan and still other organizations had existed and continue to exist despite efforts to bring equality. There is a strong social equality for the Black population in America today, but because of hate organizations and discrimination still existing today, black lives are being lost through murder, and even in forms of police brutality. Take for example the L.A riots in 1992 from the beating of Rodney King, or going back to 1967 the Detroit riots which tore apart these cities. Today Black Lives Matter movements exist to crush out racism in society so people no longer have to live in fear, and it is an existing movement that I think will actually fade as generations in the future work to build up society, and racism will become a thing of a past. There is however, always going to be something that causes prejudices and hate in society if not directed to one group of people. Even today if racism disappears between blacks and whites, prejudice occurs between cultural people here in America. These problems exist mainly in America, and it is socially slowing us down from advancing as a

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the first major black rights movement was made during the civil war for freedom to fight for the country and for liberation through the emancipation proclamation.
  • Explains how the emancipation of slaves was reversed by president johnson's views of state laws and federal government intervention.
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