What Is Racism In America Today

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To be considered a racist, one would be putting his or her own race on a higher totem pole than all of the other races out in the world. Racism is when a person or a group of people think that their own race is superior to all other races. Racism is a major problem in America. It seems that t he great country of America has few ways of dealing with these situations. Racism has been in this country for generations. Racism is a giant part of the world’s death total. Racism in America nowadays is not as bad as the Holocaust in Germany; however, racism is continuing to grow. There is no questioning the fact that racism is alive and well in America today. One form of racism that is running wild in the United States is discrimination because people …show more content…

The K.K.K. and Neo-Nazi groups of America fall into the same category as the White Nationalist groups. Members of this group usually are not afraid to do whatever they have to do to invoke fear to other racial groups. These groups often resort to using violence and harsh racial slurs to get their message or lesson they are trying to teach across. Groups such as the K.K.K Neo-Nazis and White nationalists all believe that the color of the skin of their group's members is in factor the master …show more content…

They can also support the cause, starting clubs, and after school activities that all students of that school can attend. Donald J. Trump said it best during his inauguration speech when he said “Black or Brown or White, We all bleed the same red blood as Patriots.” The meaning behind this quote is that no matter what skin color a person is, that person still bleeds the same color of blood as the person sitting or standing next to them. Troopers.ny.gov put it pretty straight forward when they stated if people work together and cooperate with each other, then the American people will begin to chip away at the major racism problem in America. In the article written by Nicki Lisa Cole, she said, that every single person in America can help end racism by simply telling those who are committing these heinous crimes that it is not right, and they need to stop doing those specific actions towards other races. Mrs. Nicki Lisa Cole went on to say that if the American people can come together and cooperate with one another, then and only then will citizens be able to overcome the adversity that is known in America as racism.A Famous African American Philanthropist named Mr.Nelson Mandela said it best when he said “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that adults can help reduce racist hate crimes by setting a good example by showing respect for others through actions, attitudes, and remarks.
  • Explains that children can reduce racist hate crimes by respecting their peers and supporting the cause. donald j. trump said that no matter what skin color a person is, they bleed the same red blood as the person sitting or standing next to them.
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