The Role Of Racism In Society

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Racism appears everywhere and is playing an enormous role in society, not only to the Hispanics, but also to the African Americans. In fact, Being Latino in American society can be challenging there are many stereotypes that are said about Latinos. Not only do politicians give Latinos immigrants a bad name, but they also attempt to debase immigrants. From living in a Caucasian neighborhood, and going to a high school with five percent Hispanic. Politicians giving Hispanics a bad name, I know firsthand experience does not only affects me but everyone. Racism is an issue that was introduced to our environment through Cultural beliefs. Racism as an issue has affected people, which have led them form hate groups organization for example the Ku Klux Klan lynching African-Americans. A great example of racism in a white neighborhood is A …show more content…

We have two Hispanic candidates for president but they are also being discriminated. For example, Donald Trump discriminates all Hispanics by accusing them to be criminals. He stated that “most immigrants such as Hispanics were awful, criminals, rapists and essentially brainwashing the world to have a spot in society” (M. Lee 1). Donald Trump believed that every Latino-Hispanic is bad. He stated that they were the “most unwanted people”(V.Tina1). I believe that Donald Trump is quite racist. He believes that white folk are superior, and should be praised. I believe that he thinks that because he is Caucasian, he feels as if he has the power to try and rule over all types of Americans including Latinos-Hispanics, Asians-Americans, African-Americans. Trump quoted “he also wanted to end birthright citizenship.” (J.Easley 2) Trump wants to end birthright; he believes that no one from a different country should have a baby and become a citizen. Trump calls Latino-Hispanics rapists, criminals and as well proclaimed how dangerous they are to the American

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they lived in carlstadt, new jersey, an all-white community, which was quiet and populated by hispanics. they felt that they were not welcomed into the community.
  • Narrates how they were teased by other students because of their ethnicity. they threw racist comments at them.
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