Racial Inequality : The United States Essay

Racial Inequality : The United States Essay

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8) Racial inequality is a major issue in the United States, and has been since its founding. Police profiling causes a greater percentage of minorities to be imprisoned than their white counterparts, specifically when it comes to drug charges and black Americans. The majority of drug users are white, yet they make up a minority of those who are arrested on drug related charges (“The Color of Justice”). The institutional inequality that is created by this creates a void in the black community. Black males are the ones that are predominately hit with drug charges; they then go to jail usually leaving behind a family of some kind; a single mother must then support her child and therefore has to work all day to make ends meet leaving the child to learn right and wrong in a street environment, where dealing drugs is more profitable than going to school and getting an education. The mother can barely bring home more than enough money to put food and shelter over the child’s head and so the child eventually drops out of school to deal to put some food on the table for the rest of the family, this child, then gets arrested for drug charges because he is distributing. The child is trying to make a living in a system that disadvantages his race and other minorities. This scenario is not entirely a black narrative, but one that is presumably common for those who are in the bottom thirty percent. The fact remains that in 2013 the average net worth of a white family was $141,900 while the net worth of a black family was only $11,300 (“Wealth Gap Between…). Even if the black child were to stay on the right track throughout his high school career and make what the average white child does on his SAT, he is probably not going to go a prestigious ...

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...idual (34%), which due to the institutional stratification of society, is more likely to be a black or Hispanic college applicant (“Top Achieving Poor…”). This ability to afford college or to have more exposure to the college application process accompanied with more positive stereotypes, causes whites to generally appear to be a better applicant. The United States has a social structure that consistently rewards people for being white; the benefits of one’s skin color being a light complexion are astounding. There is a smaller chance of being profiled and arrested while participating in a theft; (“What Would You…”) there is a smaller chance of being arrested on drug related charges; a greater chance of getting a loan, graduating from a college or university, getting a high paying skilled job, all because of the social inequality that institutions enact on minorities.

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