Cybercrime Essay

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In today’s society technology is used for everything. With the invention of computers and the internet this open doors to the cyber world. Today you can do almost anything without having to leave your home. The internet gives us the opportunity of shopping online, ordering food online, working from home and video chatting with friends and family across the world. Everyone has a computer and internet access in their homes. While the internet is really convenient it also opens doors for cybercrimes, loss of privacy and the need for computer security. Cybercrimes are on the rise now. People information are constantly getting hacked. Target computers were recently hacked and over a thousand people credit card information was stolen. Every day we…show more content…
This hurdle is when an organizations new equipment expense to enhance their computer security is added into their cybercrime losses (Cybercrime: It’s Serious, But Exactly How Serious?, Paul Hyman).” The fourth hurdle is “undetected losses which is when an organization is not aware of their cybercrime losses (Cybercrime: It’s Serious, But Exactly How Serious, Paul…show more content…
Privacy online is hard to get. Users are not reading websites privacy policies and not realizing their information is being given to third parties. Users are trusting these websites to protect their information and worrying about protecting themselves. Cybercrimes are costing the world up to $1 trillion dollars a year. Companies are scared to report their losses from cybercrimes in fear of it being bad for business. Because of that not all of the cybercrimes are being reported. Computer Security is a huge field right now. Organizations are looking for ways to protect their systems now. With cybercrimes on the rise systems need to be protected as best as they can. Most computer security can be found in hardware and software. Using firewalls and virus protectors are an example of hardware and software that is used to protect a network. Some organizations are not putting their money into computer security they are putting it more into marketing for their organization. Organizations need to put more of their money into the IT department to protect their networks. This will help with breaches we have been having. This issues are important to any IT professional because they are the number one issues we are having dealing with technology. Until these issues are resolved there will be bigger breaches in networks and information

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