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  • White Silence, White Solidarity

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    In the article of White Silence, White Solidarity, the author is an Euro-American and an educator of multicultural education. What she thinks of multicultural education is a fiend that criticized as skirting around white racism, and celebrating the European ethnic immigrant experience. She thinks that white people of their common whiteness or the privileges is gained from white racism and they are fear of losing material and psychological advantages when they screen out the color of people. She also

  • On becoming white

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    On becoming white As a European immigrant in the USA, I have encountered many new cultural phenomena in the last 4 _ years that have challenged me to perceive who I am differently. This experience has been even more polarized by the fact that I have lived most of that time in Los Angeles, a melting pot to be reckoned with. Coming to America, I expected these adaptations to my Irish self but the intensity of becoming cognizant of my label of 'whiteness' has mocked the limitations of my anticipations

  • White

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    White privilege is the privilege to be ignorant of the surrounding world. Whiteness bolsters achievement, lessens conflict, and grants access. Yet, the manifestations of privilege seem immaterial and subtle to its benefactors; one of the privileges of whiteness is not seeing privilege. In short, to be white is to not have to think about it. Peggy McIntosh’s widely accepted definition of white privilege emphasizes the benefit that privilege bestows upon the individual holder. For example, a white

  • White Privilege Is All Of The White

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    Have you ever heard of the term white privilege? In case you haven’t, or if you’re not sure what it is exactly, white privilege is all of the societal privileges that benefit white people and that non-white people do not experience. If you are white, your first thought might be to say, “Well, that’s not real. I don’t experience any special benefits that non-white people do not.” But it is real and you do. When you get a paper cut and you go to grab one of your “flesh colored” bandages, it will actually

  • Black And White

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    Black and White Following the Civil War, just prior to the turn of the century, many American novelist were writing more freely of the previous slave culture. Two of these writers being Mark Twain and Charles Chesnutt. Mark Twain was a popular “white” author by this time. Charles Chesnutt, the son of free blacks, decided to pursue a dream of becoming an author in order to remove the spirit of racism. By studying these authors in particular, the views of a white raised in the slave holding south

  • White Fang

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    write stories. My favorite character in the story would have to be White Fang. White Fang is the key character of the novel. His mother Kiche, (she-wolf) mated with a full wolf and had a litter of pups. White Fang was the only pup to survive a series of famines. White Fang starts his life out in the wild rather than being pampered. He progresses and becomes more of a dog rather than a wolf. This is all the added reasoning to why White Fang is my favorite character. He dodges adversity and becomes more

  • Who is White?

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    “Who is White? Latinos, Asians, and the New Black/Nonblack Divide.” “Who Is White?” looks at the evolving significance and idea of racial relations in the United States. In class, we learned that there is no such concept of minority without the concept of majority. In the United States, the European Americans, the whites, are the majority. They have been the majority and will be the majority. They are the dominant group and although the numbers of other races are increasing, the whites will be

  • White Dwarfs

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    White Dwarfs A hydrogen-burning star (like the sun) is kept in equilibrium by a balance between radiation pressure and gravitational attraction. When the hydrogen burns out, the star goes through a number of changes during which it sheds about half its mass. If the mass of the star is less than a critical value, called the Chandresekhar limit, after its discoverer, then this contraction to a smaller size is halted by a quantum mechanical effect called degeneracy. If the mass is greater than

  • white weddings

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    Weddings, specifically “white weddings,” are a staple of American imagery. White weddings, as the dominant wedding form, penetrate both the culture and the industry. Specifically, the stereotypical white wedding is a spectacle featuring a bride in a formal white wedding gown, combined with some combination of attendants and witnesses, religious ceremony, wedding reception, and honeymoon (pg.3). Ingraham's main argument on the wedding industry is that images of white weddings permeate our culture

  • The White Day

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    ribbons, the perfect combination of colors for a winter wedding. Long, tall windows covered the walls to let all the guests experience the view of the nearby ocean. Each round table was decorated with a long black underskirt cloth, a shorter bright white tablecloth, with each placemat arranged around a beautiful vase full of red roses. The wooden dance floor, full of chairs for the ceremony, took up half of the room, while the other half was occupied with 15 round tables and one rectangular Head Table