Essay about Race : Race And Prejudice

Essay about Race : Race And Prejudice

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As a child, race did not affect me. This statement seems like a bold fallacy, but surprisingly, with a careful explanation of how race came to be, it can be shown why race does not affect young people. As previously stated, race is a socially constructed idea and term. This said, before society could teach me this idea, I was unaffected by this idea. My interactions with others were not racially prejudiced by an underlying assumption of the hierarchy of race. As I entered elementary school and began learning skills such as reading and writing, factors of race and prejudice began taking hold in my young mind. I began making choices based on the racial group I belonged to. Because of my desire to fit in, I participated in activities specifically for my race and began to exclude others outside of my group because of a superiority complex. At one point in my young life, a young man asked me if I would like to be his friend. Due to my developing sense of who I was and who I should be hanging out with, I politely informed the boy that I had enough friends and did not desire his friendship. This is just one example of the underlying theme of racism that was allowed to seep into my life.
As I continued to grow and learn more about this idea of race, I began to understand particular stereotypes that were associated with specifically defined racial groups. Stereotypes of inferiority influenced my decisions in the friends I made and even the types of girls that I would romantically pursue. I believed that those who looked and acted the same as I would be good candidates for strong relationships in the future.
In terms of the advice I took, it is interesting to note that the majority of my role models fell into the same racial category a...

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...h seen and unseen have set the framework for my development of self and identity. Without these influencers, it is safe to assert that I would be a drastically different human being than I currently am. Beyond the genetics and biological identity that I express, I have been shaped, molded and remolded by the prevailing theories and beliefs of the cultural at large. As Christians, it is necessary to be aware of the things that influence us. Many unseen factors have been at work in my life as I’ve grown. It is important that we attempt to increase the positive influences that cultural stereotypes and habits can pass on to us, while attempting to eradicate those influences that promote gender, racial and class inequality. As the author and poet Maya Angelou said, “Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive”.

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