Questions On The French Hotel Industry Essay

Questions On The French Hotel Industry Essay

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I think that one of the priorities should for their managers to learn French, so they can communicate
better with their French customers. This also means that their managers must learn about the
French hotel industry more before they can even take over. Robson (n.d). I also think that the hotel
must allow more time to train its new employees. They should allow more time to train the
employees, if already 70 % of the staff has already left. Robson (n.d). I think the 4 week turn around
time is inadequate. They should give more time , to allow themselves to familiarise with the French
way of doing business. They must also hire French managers to over see the transformation .This
way their hotel can then fit into the French system. Robson (n.d).

The advert will be as follows ;

Situation vacant: Hotel managers

The hotel is looking for dynamic managers to join its management team. The hotel runs budget
reasonably priced accommodations. The hotel also strives to give excellent service to its guests, It
provides a preferred environment to its guests. It also strives to be a preferred employer. It provides
training and excellent remuneration for its employees. An opportunity for it to expand across the
bordershas arisen and therefore has vacancies that are available.

The hotel group is looking for dynamic , energetic and talented individuals who are geared to
become a part of this vibrant hotel group management team. The prospective candidates must fit
the following
Be prepared to learn French
Must be employed within the group.
Must hold relevant experience and qualifications
Must be willing to learn

The main duties of the successful candidate include...

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