Essay about Questions On English Language Teaching Context

Essay about Questions On English Language Teaching Context

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Review of teaching context

This report will identify three important English language teaching context in Saudi Arabia pointing out potential implications that its feature may have for teachers. The three important English language teaching context this report will discuss are, approach to teaching English and methodological concerns, facilities and resources in the school and typical class size. These three context are important to focus because they are all interlinked, each contexts need the other context for it to be successful. Example, for good teaching method need quality resources and seasonable class size.

Approach to teaching English and methodological concerns
In teaching, approach and method is a key factor because when teaching something it is important for us to know how to teach it, so the others can understand it properly. Therefore, the approach or methodology is crucial and it varies according to the content. Khalid Al-Seghayer, has discussed the approach to teaching English and methodological concerns in Saudi Arabia. English teaching in Saudi Arabia have been centered around two main methods they are, audio-lingual method and grammar translation method. In audio-lingual method teachers engage students in intense drills of grammar rules and continuous repetition of words and phrases. Whereas, in grammar translation method teacher focuses on explaining grammar structures in detail (Al-seghayer, 2014).

In Saudi Arabia they are using number of traditional english teaching methods, such as sentence structure analysis, answering question, correction making, translation and chorus work, reading loud and writing new vocabularies from the blackboard to their books. English teachers in Saudi Arabia are...

... middle of paper ... the content, because larger class tend to have students with disruptive behaviour (Ncteorg, 2015). The typical class size in Saudi is large, this means the teachers have to adapt to the situation in Saudi Arabia, they have to work to overcome the disadvantages of a large class, for example, they should strive for good interaction and help all students, which will be difficult to achieve in a large class (Bahanshal, 2013).

In conclusion, from the above mentioned context there is a need for improvement in english teaching method, resources and to have a smaller class size in Saudi Arabia. The suggestion for future teachers in Saudi Arabia are generally to run the teaching student-centered by preparing their own materials and resources, with small class size attitude to have interactive and productive learning session.

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