Language Teaching Essay

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In my view, the primary purpose of teaching is to help students become independent lifelong learners who are able and willing to find resources to continue learning beyond the classroom. This is especially relevant for second language learning, which requires perseverance and is unlikely to be successful when confined to the classroom. Several hours per week are certainly not enough to start communicating effectively in the second language. That is why, as a language teacher, I encourage students to become autonomous by exploring their needs and wants, empowering them, and showing them ways to maximize their learning opportunities. I believe that language learning is an individual process, and that is why language teaching should be highly…show more content…
This will increase learner motivation and make learning meaningful. I strive to make connections between my teaching and my students’ lives by encouraging them to discuss their experiences, express opinions, and by choosing materials that are genuinely interesting to them. My goal is to demonstrate to my learners that the second language can be their means of self-expression rather than a set of discrete grammar points and lists of vocabulary words. To put it another way, I stress that learning about the language is not sufficient for successful communication in it and encourage students to use English purposefully and meaningfully. For example, I recommend that they find language exchange partners, attend English-speaking clubs, or watch their favorite movies in English. I show them ways to integrate English in their daily lives and let them decide what appeals to them. As a result, learners become more engaged, motivated and autonomous since the teacher is no longer the only source of knowledge for…show more content…
I view students’ L1 as an asset that often aids them in acquiring their second language and brings diversity to the classroom. More importantly, it is part of students’ identity and thus should be respected and valued. Therefore, I do not dismiss and prohibit the use of L1. Rather, I look for ways to integrate it in the learning process. For example, I can ask students to listen to or read certain materials in their L1 to later produce an essay or an oral report in English. Brainstorming tasks or discussion of new vocabulary in EFL contexts can also happen in L1 if students wish to use it. In other words, L1 provides scaffolding to learners to help them deal with challenging tasks. It also gives them access to more materials and ideas for their work. Therefore, I strive to use it as a resource instead of dismissing
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