Grammar And The English Language

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Grammar and the English language is taught schools across the United States. There are many different students in each classroom and as teachers we need to differentiate our instruction. English language learners; also known as ELL; students tend to struggle with grammar but we help them with learning this through implementing a few techniques. There are two types of ELL students; they are students that are not native to where they are living and students that are bilingual. The students that are bilingual are can range from being fluent to in the process of learning another language. These learners are in the process/know the English language but they have difficulty in often make mechanical errors with their grammar and syntax. The goal of the ELL program is a high intensity language program designed to help students to improve their level of English. The English language is complex and learning it is a long process. ELL students should be taught with strategies such as learning through speaking and listening. ELL teachers work with non-native speakers of the English language to help them develop the language skills as well as social skills. The programs they are going through are grammar conversational English, reading, listening comprehension, writing and vocabulary. Researchers have found the ELL students learn best relating subjects that they are interested in. They can be taught through strategies such as Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP). The U.S department of Education, National Center for Education statistics states that, “The percentage of public school students in the United States who were English language learners (ELL) was higher is 2010-11(10 percent) than in 2002-03(9 percent).”(2013). The st... ... middle of paper ... pretty wings and a long body. Read this to class then the class repeated the sentence back a few times. Then discuss what they learned about butterflies. Conclusion Knowing effective strategies for teaching ELL students grammar is important. Research shows that instructional strategies for ELL students consist of SIOP, learning through listening, and learning through speaking. There are many students in classrooms that are ELL learners and that number will likely continue to grow. These effective instructional techniques will improve the learning of grammar for ELL students. It is important that we reach each and every student in our classroom, so being aware of the student needs and how to help them develop in the future is imperative. Not only are these strategies beneficial to English language learners it is also helpful for the regular classroom students.
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