Essay on Questions and Answer: The purpose of Foreign Humanitarian Assistance

Essay on Questions and Answer: The purpose of Foreign Humanitarian Assistance

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Question 1: Based upon the accompanying INTSUM, OPREP-3, and Warning Order for the Bangladesh scenario provide a Combatant Commander’s revised mission statement. Ensure that this statement includes the elements of “who, what, when, and why”. (10 points)

When directed, USPACOM will conduct Foreign Humanitarian Assistance in concert with coalition partners in support of USAID and the Government of Bangladesh to mitigate near term human suffering and accelerate recovery associated with Cyclone Janari. On order, USPACOM will establish and deploy forces to forward operating bases to alleviate suffering in the devastated areas [CMS, pg 216].

Question 2: The commander’s intent identifies the purpose of the campaign, the end state, and defines operational risk. Based upon the INSTUM, OPREP-3 and Warning Order provide the Combatant Commander’s initial intent. (10 points)

Purpose: The purpose of Foreign Humanitarian Assistance is to provide mobility and logistics support capabilities to enhance host nation efforts in response to the Cyclone Janari crisis. Close coordination with other international military forces, DOS/USAID, US Embassy, NGOs, PVOs, and the Bangladesh government will facilitate operations and eliminate duplications of efforts [DoD, pg 152].

End state: At the end state of this operation, success will be defined as a minimized loss of life and human suffering of displaced persons, the scope of the crisis no longer exceeds the capacity of NGOs, PVOs, and the Government of Bangladesh; and all US personnel are redeployed to home station [DoD, pg 152].

Operation Risk: Military personnel involved may experience stress and anxiety due to the number of mass fatalities. Medical Combat and Operational Stress Cont...

... middle of paper ... 518].

Cyberspace is utilized to support communication and information sharing between all branches of the military during military operations [Lesson 8, pg 519]. In order to support the full range of military operations in the future, the DoD must continue to develop and retain a highly qualified cyber workforce (Lesson 8, pg 526]

To help support the full range of military operations in the future, the DoD must continue to secure the ‘.mil’ domain and continue to detect, deter, and deny attempts to hack mission critical systems [NMS, pg 25].

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