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  • Logistics And Logistics

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    Even the most advanced marketing strategies may fail if they will not be supported by appropriate logistics activities. The fact that the product is defined with the best features of its own, attractive price and well promoted is no longer sufficient. These are undoubtedly important factors but it will be difficult to sell this product without finding it on the shelf at the right time, in the right place at the right amount. Thus it is visible of the utility of space and time which are added values

  • Logistics: Logistics And Its Aspects Of Logistics

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    Logistics is an aspect of military for the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption with the aim of meeting some requirements, of customers or corporations. The resources that are managed in logistics may include abstract and physical items. Abstract items like time, information, particles, and energy. Physical items like food, materials, animals, equipment and liquids. Logistics of any physical item generally involves the integration of information

  • Essay On Logistics And Logistics

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    simple definition of logistics would be a type of management toward your resources, raw materials, products and goods on the way of allocation such as obtained or acquired, get stored in the inventory or warehouse then transfer to transport out to the hand of the final consumer or customer at a particular location from warehouse and inventories. The cost that happened along the process also known as the logistics expenditure or cost of logistics process and basically the logistics cost will affect the

  • Role Of Logistics In Logistics

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    The logistic function is very important for successful business activities. Without logistics the business will not be able to compete business world. The important components of logistics are Transportation, inventory management and warehouse management. The managers need to know the cost identity with the business logistics. To be a successful business and to compete in business market a good manager need to minimize the cost of every activity. The study of the Logistics is very interesting where

  • Logistics In Logistics Management

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    Logistics is the process of planning and controlling the efficient flow and storage of goods, services and related information as they travel from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Transportation, warehousing, purchasing and distribution fall within the scope of logistical planning. Proper managing of logistics can reduce cost and inventory, improve profits and efficiency along with improving an organization a competitive advantage. These are the key elements to a successful supply

  • Logistics Management: The Significance Of Logistics Management

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    10.1.1 Introduction The term logistics comes from the French word logistique (loger means to lodge) The New Oxford American Dictionary defines logistics as "the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies," Logistics is commonly seen as a branch of engineering that creates "people systems" rather than "machine systems." Logistics management is the part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the flow and storage of goods, services

  • Logistic Management: The Importance Of Logistics Management

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    1.0 Introduction Since logistics advanced from 1950s, as the trend of nationalization and globalization in recent decades, the importance of logistics management has be expanded in the different area of industries. Logistic is a part of the supply chain management which planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the initial production to final decision of consumption for the purpose of fulfilling the customer

  • Logistics Essay

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    to another. When it comes to modern logistics most professionals thinks it as the most exciting and competitive area of any business. People in this area work 24 hours a day, 7 days week and 52 weeks a year in order to satisfy the demands and needs of the consumers of goods and services. Logistics consists of those activities that focus on getting the right amount of the right products to the right place at the right time at the lowest possible price. Logistics is the process that controls and manages

  • Importance Of Logistics

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    The word logistic has originated from Greek word ‘Logistikos’ and the Latin word ‘Logisticus’ which means science of computing & calculating In ancient times it was used more in connection with moving armies, the supplies of food & armaments to the war front. During World War II logistics gained importance in army operations covering the movement of supplies, men & equipment across the border Today It has acquired the wider meaning and is used in the business for the movement of material from suppliers

  • Logistics Management: The Subdivisions Of Logistics Administration

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    Subdivisions of logistics administration ⦁ Business Logistics Getting, moving and putting away of R/M and transporting, warehousing and dissemination of F/G. ⦁ Facilitation of pertinent assembling and promoting. Making completed merchandise accessible to the clients in the business sector. Acquiring, moving and putting away of horticultural items. Giving focused edge in wares market ⦁ Event Logistics :- The net work of exercises, offices and staff required to sort out, calendar and convey

  • Logistics Management

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    Logistics Management “Logistic is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, effective flow of goods storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements” Logistics exists to satisfy customer requirements by facilitating relevant manufacturing and marketing operation. The main responsibility of logistic is the geographical positioning of raw materials, work in process

  • International Logistics

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    Logistics is the designing and managing of a system in order to control the flow of material throughout a corporation. This is a very important part of an international company because of geographical barriers. Logistics of an international company includes movement of raw materials, coordinating flows into and out of different countries, choices of transportation, cost of the transportation, packaging the product for shipment, storing the product, and managing the entire process. The concept of

  • Technology & Logistics

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    and not from a clandestine source. In this case, technology will help to improve the logistical management of marijuana distribution at a state level. Imagine the logistics of trying to conduct this same operation at the global level, let’s look at some other examples on how technology can improve the management of global logistics. Businesses are trending toward the use of cloud computing to assist them with many aspects of their operations. Cloud computing consists of a pay-per use or subscription

  • Reflection On Logistics

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    Midterm Reflection In the first half of the course Advanced Business Logistics, I have found many items that have stood out over the past four weeks. Each weekly lesson plan has been logically broken down into segments that were easily understood and presented in a logical fashion. I have been pleasantly surprised and excited about the course content. I have been aware of many of the topics discussed which have been presented in previous courses but not to the detail that I have found in this

  • Logistics Management: An Analysis Of Logistics In Supply Chain Management

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    ANALYSIS OF LOGISTICS IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT What is Logistics Logistics is the process of strategically managing the procurement movement and storage of materials, parts and finished inventory (and the related information flows) through the organisation and its marketing channels in such a way that current and future profitability are maximised through the cost-effective fulfilment of orders. (Christopher 2005) Key Logistics activities Inbound logistics involves material management in the supply

  • Importance Of Logistics In Marketing

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    Efficient Logistics helps marketing to satisfy customers. Some argument claim that logistics is a considerable cost of business because it increase the prime cost and price that may decrease the demand, which may decrease the overall profit. However, logistics can have a positive effect on satisfying customers and achieving marketing goal. Because efficient logistics among manufacturers, retailers and customers can reduce delivery time and provide customers better purchase experience especially in

  • Importance Of Reverse Logistics

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    talk about food industry. Reverse Logistics, being an integral part of SCM, is usually neglected, specifically in the Indian industry given a few important constraints. The 5 major attributes of Reverse Logistics (Recall, Return, Recycle, Review and Repair) are necessary considerations for effective Business Operations. The research study we conducted has shown us that majority (around 80%) of the manufacturers and certain third party logistical

  • Essay On Green Logistics

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    approaches in the field of today’s business, Green Logistics has been a new concern and acquaintance to the world of Logistics business. Green logistics is the integration and the management of all the activities required to move products through the supply chain. For a typical product this supply chain extends from a raw material source through the production and distribution system to the point of consumption and the associated reverse logistics. The logistical activities comprise freight transport

  • Importance Of Inbound Logistics

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    Why Is Managing Inbound Logistics Important To An Organization? Inbound logistics relates to the movement of goods or the materials from suppliers and vendors into manufacturing procedures or storeroom facilities. Inbound logistics basically comprises of two functions that are the purchase of materials and the logistics that are the procurement and planning. The management of inbound logistics is important to organizations for two major reasons, one that relates to the organization and the other

  • Logistics Personal Statement

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    Supply Chain Management (SCM) because I believe that logistics is the most dynamic, vibrant, challenging, technology driven area, and the future of any big national and international companies. It will give me the opportunity to know behind the scene of improving the companies’ performance by using SCM tools. If I work in this field, I can get my answers and a chance to work in the market of raw material, purchasing, production, distribution, logistics, and final goods. After finishing two semesters in