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Ever felt that going grocery shopping was a tedious chore? Ever spend more time in traffic on the way to the supermarket than in the actual store? Well now these problems can be solved. With this new retail proposal plan, Publix would be offering a curbside pick-up and/or delivery program. Working customers will benefit from being able to quickly pick up their orders while on their way home from work rather than spending an additional hour after work making their way through each aisle. Parents will be able to avoid the hassle of attempting to get their shopping done while having to keep an eye on bored and rambunctious children.
The ordering interface will be very straightforward and easy to follow. Customers will simply go to and place an order of their desired groceries. The customer will create an account and begin their shopping. There will be separate sections for the different categories of merchandise, which will then be separated into the various brands, to make shopping easy and efficient. When finished, the customer will “finalize” their cart and pay by credit card, or select pay by cash. If a customer selects the cash option they would simply need to have the cash ready to hand the curb side attendant to bring in and make change at the register. There will also be a choice to select “curbside pick-up” or “delivery.” If pick-up is selected, the exact store and half hour time window for pick up would need to be identified, as well as a four hour lead time for the store to get the order together. For delivery, customers must be within a 5 mile driving radius. Again, a lead time would need to be accounted for, but customers would select a delivery time that would be preferable for t...

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... participate in a free cooking class, and see what going on in the day-care. Inside the store, new signs will hang from the ceiling to identify where the cooking classes, café, and day-care center are located. Also, since product will be moved to the front of the store, signage will need to be altered throughout the store to specify where the registers.

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