Publix Super Markets: The Five Forces Model of Competition

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Publix Super Markets Inc

Super Markets are few and far between in the south. There are plenty of different variations within a very small region that when one becomes your favorite it’s usually because if convenience. However throughout the local community of Jacksonville and most of Florida, Publix Super Markets have made a very valuable impression on its current consumers. Founded by George W. Jenkins on the idea of what makes a company successful is how they takes care of their customers but also their employees. Publix being one of the top eight privately traded companies in this industry as labeled by Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List leaves those asking what makes Publix so different.

Publix Super Markets have a fast developing and quickly motivated group of competitors. This allows for the market to have interesting trends and advances rapidly. According to the Food Marketing Institute’s website, in the year 2012 there were thirty-seven thousand and fifty-three companies in this trade which puts Publix very high on shopper’s lists. Being employee owned is one of the characteristics current workers contribute to the firm’s success. Focusing on the well-being and progress of their team members has given them a sought after job pool.

The framework that will compare Publix Super Markets and its competitors is the Five Forces Model of Competition. The five aspects that will be discussed are the threat of new entrants into the market, the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, threat of substitute products and rivalry among competing firms. Striving for the optimal position in each of these categories has given Publix Super Markets the reputation it has pride towards earning. It is important to every compa...

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...erience. Due to low switching costs and many competitors both entering and existing in the market to keep yourself out in front you have to prove to be different. Offering many options to save along with convenience will help Publix keep their market share for many years to come.


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