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Our mission is to provide our customers with the best products and services that we have created a new market space for. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and taking what used to be multiple purchases of software into one operation system. That can increase many aspects of the important sectors within the restaurant industry. I.e. decrease employee-training time, increase outputs, real-time record keeping ‘including inventory’, and more. Business Opportunity S.B. Solutions and Electronics, has many ways we can capitalize our company. There will be two methods of the way the electronics will be reported on our financial statements. One way, is when a customer signs up and wants X amount of Tablets it will be reported in the balance …show more content…

As well as currently, there is only pre programmable tablets, or software that has to be downloaded from a main website, to be able to utilize the hand held devices. All these things not only hinder the customer, it also creates a major gap between electronic uses and sufficiency within the industry. The world is evolving to electronics; everything these days there is an app for or you can do anything online. While these means some of the capabilities are being used currently within the industry. They are not be created and utilized to meet the current business owner of a restaurant demands. Let alone, simplify the process of the software and create app’s that can be downloaded. This not only creates the ease for the customer, but also generates continuous income for S.B. Solutions and Electronics. Other software engineers are starting to up their game, businesses are wanting to make things more cost effective yet at the same time save money; times are changing and our software will revolutionize the restaurant industry and not only increase the business success rates, but also create a whole new market space. We also plan on down the road, expanding our software to different industries, such as suppliers and

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  • Explains that their mission is to provide their customers with the best products and services that they have created a new market space for.
  • Explains that s.b. solutions and electronics has many ways to capitalize their company, such as leasing out electronics to consumers and generating more revenues.
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